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Get inspired as we chat with guests that have made massive leaps of abundance in health, wealth, time freedom, regenerative food systems, sustainable living, and personal growth by making a massive upgrade.

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Learn how we transform mineral rich water from the anywhere to NSF certified clean ionized mineral water with the potent antioxidant Molecular Hydrogen and the full pH scale at our disposal (and how you can too!)

Tap Water Report

What's in your tap?

Browse the EWG's Tap Water database below if your water comes from a municipality and if you don't like what you see, Contact Us to see how we can help you upgrade your water to help you thrive!


Holistic Hydration Specialists

Based out of Asheville, NC

Who We Are

We are a passionate group of healthpreneurs, coaches, farmers, healing arts practitioners, and visionaries that recognize clean, mineral & antioxidant rich water as the source of life and beating heart of our health, personal growth, and community success.

You are WATER

Discover the technology you can use to transform the naturally mineral-rich source water to NSF Certified clean, HYDROGEN RICH, mineral water.

On heavily contaminated tap water? Ever pulled your EWG report? We got you covered. Whatever source water you're on - change your water into antioxidant water and get the power to replace 90% of your home liquids as well.

Event Hydration

Planning an event around the Southern Appalachians? We would love to keep everyone fueled, meet some new faces, and blow some unsuspecting minds with how different they feel. We are always happy to supply the water for Elixirs, Teas, Cacao, soups, etc!

Microclustered, restructured, ionized water does fascinating things to taste, experience, and fundamental hydration!

Demo and Questions Answered

Watch our most recent demonstration answering questions about NSF certified filtration, ionization, and health in the wake of the East Palestine disaster that has poisoned the southeast's watershed.

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